the mag interview


I had my first video call interview with Stefano Bosis. Mostly a painter but also a photographer, an actor, a fireman, a 3D artist, a traveller … Stefano is a box of surprises! He paints since the age of 8. He graduated in Digital Communication at the Università degli studi in Milan but meanwhile attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera without ever enrolling. Know he’s heading to Berlin with his motor bike. His works are the expression of a sensitive and spontaneous soul full of emotions, with the awareness of living in a world where 70% of the population dies of hunger and the other 30% are in diet. He uses the “old” technique of oil on canvas to paint these paradoxical situations. The result is something timeless: past and future, old and new. Stefano’s subjects are mainly faces (the mirror of the soul) and children (the real society, our future). I would like to thank Stefano for the time and the great chat!
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