Artist dock



-Let’s talk about the new series you’re working at: “Migranti”. Where does the idea come from, and how long have you been painting this new subject?
I started painting migrants after the summer, and now that I’ve just got back from a month-long trip to Morocco I have even more ideas and inspiration to put into the series.
The idea comes from the simple fact that traveling is a central and constant element of my life and my work as an artist, I often say that “travel is like work for me“. People in migration are also in a way travelling.

-Is this new work a natural evolution of the “Massification” series?
I needed to get some distance from that series; those works are about consumerism and have a very strong conceptual background that I think hasn’t been properly understood. The migrants are bringing me back to a more personal path, where shape and colours are prevailing over a realistic representation. But at the same time the migration scenes are based in the reality of facts – think about the Lampedusa shipwreck.

-But are you moving in the same direction, only with different means? And if so, why you choose a more subtle representation?
I think the two works have certainly something in common: in both the fight is a central theme. Take for example the Sport series. I’ve chosen sumo fighters, hockey players and boxers. But it is the point of view that is now changing, within the Migrants series is not a 1 to 1 fight anymore, but the fight of the humanity in order to survive. And about the style of the painting let’s say that was a “Realism phase”. Now I’m back to Expressionism.



-In the previous works the image was clear and straightforward (weapons, panini, cell phones…) are you now trying to communicate only with shape and colours?
To me everything is colour, people are colours too! This is my way of working, thinking colour-wise, moulding shapes, trying to give form to an impression stuck in my mind.
Anyway if you take a closer look at the abstract works you’ll always find some figurative elements: a bird, a flower, some people, all floating in a “pictorial air”.

-When creating this type of painting are you following some music, or thinking about a concept and trying to translate it into shape and colours?
Music is very important, it really helps me in the creation process. When I paint I feel like riding a wave, and it’s the wave itself that suggests me which colours to use, which shape. It’s really a matter of feeling, like in surf, you have to get almost immediately if you’re riding a good wave.
But It can also be that one idea for a painting get stuck in my mind for a long time before I start working on it, that’s why additionally I always keep notes and sketches, especially when I travel.

-What do you do when you have to take a break from art?
I’m learning to play the violin, it’s definitely the right instrument for me!