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Consumerised Commodities of Stefano Bosis

Whether a service, product, or an object of commerce, Stefano Bosis explains through his vision the exercise and price people go through to acquire their unnecessary needs surrounding consumerism, as if deprivation in life depends on it.

Currently on exhibition at Fellini Gallery in Berlin are Stefano Bosis’s artworks, in an outstanding show entitled: Interlude Italiana

Food for thought are today’s devices and weapons conquering the world!

The most amazing view of Bosis’s works are when one stands dead center surrounding the circular view of his works! The above is a visual of what I saw in his works and the impact that they bestowed upon me!

The mass substance of Bosis’s works are goods that the general public face each day to believe a necessity. Images date back to the invention of time, yet modern and are also up to date. His style of painting effortfully depicts exactly not only the media he works with, oil on canvas, as well as capturing of the moment. The perfect amount of realism and expressionism to compose a perfect set of categorized consumer product real enough to eat, use, and insert.

The moment the viewer lay eyes on Bosis’s artworks, streams of desire flow through their veins. The feeling that anything may happen with a blink of an eye; that they appear almost out of thin air!

The “I want, I want, I want it now” scenerio, and the “now that I have it, I want more of it; I want want want want” comes into play. The never ending happiness upon the social belief system eventually leads to depression riddance of pain.

The convolution cycle one goes through without giving attention to the real importancy, the simplicity, all boils down to self-worthiness.

These works of Stefano Bosis are by far the best I have seen in his conceptual pieces. One must definitely observe both the comparisons and ironic statements occurring directly, yet indirectly.

view more of Bosis’s works at Fellini Gallery here.
and visit his website here:

View Interlude Italiana live at Fellini Gallery, in Kreuzberg Berlin, Germany
Exhibition dates: 15th of May – 15th of July, 2013